There are too many identical collections and styles on the market, and investors get bored and annoyed. Horsecoin was born as a meme symbol created in the background of BoJack Horseman's animated comedy

Smart Contracts


Horsecoin backstory

BoJack Horseman tells the story of BoJack, an anthropomorphic, whisky-loving horse who lives with his human friend Todd

Horsecoin features

With the development and creation of NFT, GAMEFI, pledge mining and other functions, Horsecoin's future is full of infinite possibilities. Become the strongest ecological application on THE bsc chain


Diversity and functionality of NFT

Horsecoin NFT will be released in the future and the NFT platform will be developed at the same time. Users can use the Horsecoin NFT platform cast and Compose new NFT, which can sell, auction, and exchange at the same time.

The classification of NFT

The Horsecoin community will launch 1,000 NFTS, of which only 20 are limited edition NFTS that are more valuable, more practical, and more conducive to raffles and rewards for community members


Horsecoin GAMEFI

Horsecoin GAMEFII is an entertaining game based on comedy, where you can have a lot of fun and get a lot of rewards at the same time

Horsecoin ROUTES



Horsecoin was born
Publish white papers and websites
Establish a telegraph channel
Marketing of pilot production
Contract development
Start PancakeSwap


Development of $Horsecoin reward tracking
Horsecoin NFT
List the CoinGecko
List the CoinMarketCap
Developed by Horsecoin GAMEFI
Horsecoin 3D VR game scene development


$Horsecoin Gives back to the community
Introduce $NFTs
Launch Play2Win games
Play2Win small game development
Competitions with prizes are held every week
Start the $Horsecoin store



NFTS launch
NFTS tool introduction
NFTS marketing promotion
Horsecoin GAMEFI released
Horsecoin pledges to start mining
New Roadmap



  • BoJack Horseman, Horsecoin for short
    With a strong vision of ecological environment construction and strong marketing planning, we strive to become the most unique and interesting token


Automatic inflow LP lock:


NFT show